you are the best thing?

You are the best thing?‘is a 24 hours sound installation which runs within the tidal movements of the people on Rue de Rivoli – the midst of the shopping area of Paris. In this environment people become passersby, transient and anonymous.

For this work, speakers were installed into the show window, allowing its expansion to the outside space. From the pane, a female voice gushes out sentences which are generated by Artificial Intelligence from a collection based on advertising descriptions of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, GAP, H&M, Lush, M.A.C. and BMW. The compilation constitutes positive phrasing to influence the behavior of the customers, and the A.I. learns an algorithm from the sample text. This enumeration of optimistic words and the constant repetition evoke the polarity of its meaning.

You are the best thing?
Sound Installation, Raspberry Pi, Exciter, 2018
running 24 hours

/Programming _Elias Najarro
/View of group exhibition_PLASTIC LOVE #2
59 Rivoli, Paris, FR